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Swales Styleline Upholstery is your local professional in complete restoration of hardwood and upholstered home furnishings. We support "thinking green" by "saving you green."

There are tremendous benefits to restoring your existing furniture versus disposing and purchasing from a traditional Big-Box retail store. Chances are your existing home furnishings far exceed standards of new furniture you will find in today's ordinary retail stores. Today's home furnishings found in Big-Box stores are:

  • Over-priced and mass produced products.
  • Manufactured and assembled in foreign countries.
  • Made of inferior materials such as particle board, plastic and cardboard.
  • Have an average life span of one to three years due to poor construction.

When you decide to restore your quality furniture, not only will you save your hard earned money, but you will create a whole new style of elegance to your home. Restoring your home furnishings is much more cost effective and better for the environment than buying new low-grade furniture. Chances are your existing furniture consists of solid wood construction of maple, mahogany, oak or cherry. Dowel pins and dovetail joints are a sign of excellent craftsmanship. These products are far superior to today's plastic anchors, drawer pulls, fiberboard, and cardboard that you'll find in today's mass-produced, disposable furniture. At Swales Styleline Upholstery, we'll make your home furnishing last for future generations to enjoy. We stand behind our work with a no-hassle quality satisfaction guarantee unmatched by today's Big-Box Centers.

We reinforce and repair your furniture's existing wooden or steel frame by using environmentally-friendly quality components and renewable materials from start to finish. We take pride in rebuilding your cherished furniture by implementing recycled foam padded products, organic cotton and spring components made and supplied by American vendors. We offer customized fabric options that will complement your home decor and bring your house to life.

Swales Styleline Upholstery has worked on numerous unique projects from wicker furniture to antique baby carriages. Our skilled craftsmen are here to satisfy your custom upholstery and solid wood restoration projects. We excel in the restoration of:

  • Antique furniture
  • Genuine leather
  • Custom window fashions
  • Awnings
  • RV's
  • Watercraft
  • Custom automotive interiors & convertible tops
  • Industrial vehicle upholstery repair
  • Custom Tarps, covers & tent repair
  • Custom made restaurant booths and hardwood furnishings